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September 30, 2022




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Project Overview: The introduction of the NET-A-PORTER Loyalty Lite initiative, comprising Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers, aimed to engage customers early in their shopping journey and encourage progression within the loyalty scheme. This strategic enhancement was designed to complement our existing EIP (Extremely Important Person) program, targeting a broader customer base to foster long-term loyalty and retention.

Role and Responsibilities: As a Site Content Producer, I took on a pivotal project management role in the global rollout of the Loyalty Lite program from a site perspective. My responsibilities included:

  • Strategic Alignment: Collaborating with product teams to align with overarching project deadlines and integrating site content strategies with broader departmental initiatives.
  • Design and User Experience: Working closely with the design team to refine layouts and visual assets, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience across all platforms.
  • Content Development: Leading the coordination with the copy and translations teams to prepare and localise content for multiple regions, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance.
  • Technical Implementation: Partnering with tech teams to construct the pages, conduct integration, and perform end-to-end testing, addressing any site-related issues promptly to maintain project timelines.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Regularly updating key stakeholders on project status and potential blockers, facilitating swift resolution of critical issues, notably the dynamic currency display challenge across different regions.

Challenges and Innovative Solutions: A significant challenge was ensuring the dynamic display of currency thresholds for each tier adjusted correctly for regional variations. I led the resolution by bridging communication between frontend and backend teams, prioritising this issue to prevent launch delays. This proactive management was crucial in overcoming formatting discrepancies and enhancing the site’s operational functionality.

Technology and Tools: Utilising CoreMedia Studio for content management allowed precise control over content updates and integration. For project management, I relied on Excel for tracking content requirements and Asana for coordinating tasks and timelines with the global site content teams. This approach ensured that all stakeholders had visibility into the progress of content builds and issue resolution.

Impact and Customer Engagement: The rewards program was successfully rolled out, with customers rapidly engaging and advancing through the tiers. The introduction of the dynamic progress wheel on the Rewards dashboard, powered by real-time backend data, significantly enhanced user interaction by visually depicting their progress towards the next tier. This feature, along with tailored content for different customer segments, markedly enriched the customer experience and journey.

Leadership and Global Team Management: I led a global team of site content producers located in United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Japan, ensuring that all localised pages were built and tested on schedule. Through regular updates and frequent coordination calls, I fostered a collaborative environment that encouraged timely resolutions and shared success across teams.

Results: The Loyalty Lite program has been highly acclaimed by customers, contributing to increased engagement levels and customer satisfaction. It has also served as a testament to the effective cross-functional and cross-regional collaboration, underscoring the scalability and adaptability of our operational approaches.

Post-Launch Initiatives and Enhancements: Following the successful rollout of the Loyalty Lite program, I continued to work closely with the CRM team to explore and implement enhancements to the loyalty experience. One of my key contributions was the proposal and execution of integrating tiered creative assets into the 'My Account' banner on the website and the mobile app. This initiative required:

  • Innovative Design Integration: I spearheaded the integration of visually distinct tiered creative assets that reflect each loyalty level, enhancing the visual appeal and user engagement directly within the user's account dashboard.
  • Technical Collaboration: I collaborated extensively with the web technology team to ensure seamless implementation on the website and coordinated with the app development team for parallel updates on the mobile platform.
  • Cross-Functional Teamwork: This enhancement necessitated synchronised efforts across design, web, app, and CRM teams, showcasing my ability to manage and drive multi-disciplinary projects towards a cohesive goal.

These enhancements not only improved the aesthetic and functional aspects of the loyalty program but also significantly boosted user interaction and satisfaction by providing a more personalised and visually engaging experience.


Loyalty Lite + EIP Tiers


Rolled Out In Launguages



NET-A-PORTER Rewards Program account screen on desktop
NET-A-PORTER Rewards Program on mobile
NET-A-PORTER Rewards Program on desktop and mobile
NET-A-PORTER Rewards Program on tablets

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