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Strategic project leader with a technical edge.

I'm Semoud, a project manager and digital strategist based in London, specialising in turning complex challenges into streamlined, user-centric digital solutions.

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Semoud Beiram

The foundational values and pillars guiding my approach.

Collaboration value


Collaboration is the keystone that unlocks innovation and collective success, combining expertise and ideas to reach new heights together.

Adaptability value


An adaptable approach is crucial for thriving in an ever-changing landscape, ensuring that key objectives are met even as conditions evolve.

Long-Term Solutions value

Long-Term Solutions.

Resolving issues with long-term solutions is essential in addressing core challenges, ensuring stable and scalable outcomes for sustained success.

Consumer focused value

Consumer focused.

Placing the consumer at the core of every decision drives successful outcomes and deepens loyalty by consistently exceeding their expectations.

My experience.


Site Content Producer @ YOOX NET-A-PORTER

2022 - Present

Drove the design and weekly launch of NET-A-PORTER and MR PORTER homepages, significantly enhancing content and user engagement. Led the localization of NET-A-PORTER's Italian site, aligning content with regional tastes and spearheaded synchronized content development across platforms for global consistency. Orchestrated multiple high-impact sales promotions and provided technical solutions to maintain operational excellence. Streamlined content creation with CoreMedia, improving efficiency and reducing timelines. Played a key role in the overhaul of the NET-A-PORTER Rewards Programme, enhancing customer loyalty. Also maintained active stakeholder communications and collaborated on targeted customer segmentation and customer journey strategies to boost user satisfaction.

Kricoss logo

Web Producer @ Kricoss

2020 - 2022

Managed the creation and publication of seasonal sale content on the website, achieving high success rates. Skillfully multitasked and collaborated with both internal and external teams using Jira. Coordinated mailings, marketing materials, and website content, and regularly reviewed and updated product listings and media details weekly.

Auto Majestic Group logo

Web Assistant @ Auto Majestic Group

2018 - 2020

Created product listings with multimedia assets and assessed competing websites to improve content, look, and feel. Contributed to enhancing user experiences by evaluating web content display. Stayed dedicated to keeping up with emerging technologies and the latest digital marketing concepts.


Project Delivery

Project delivery, with a focus on effectiveness and consistency, helps meet deadlines and budgets, ensuring quality outcomes.

ReactJS & NodeJS

Crafting responsive and efficient web applications using NextJS, ReactJS and NodeJS, focusing on scalable solutions that drive user engagement and satisfaction.

Business Initiatives

Identifying opportunities for growth and innovation, driving business initiatives with a strategic approach that aligns with the company's long-term success.


Effective communication fosters clear understanding and collaboration, essential for achieving strategic objectives and maintaining strong professional relationships.


Shopify, leveraging development with Liquid, management tools, and CMS capabilities, streamlines ecommerce operations, enhancing site functionality and improving user experience.

Business Strategy

Business strategy, focused on long-term growth and market positioning, drives sustainable competitive advantage and operational effectiveness.

Figma, Sketch & XD

Utilising Figma, Sketch, and XD optimises user interface design and enhances user experience through collaborative and efficient design workflows.

End-to-End Testing

Ensuring product quality through comprehensive end-to-end testing, identifying and addressing issues to guarantee functionality and reliability across platforms.

Asana, Trello & Jira

Enhancing team coordination and project tracking by integrating project management tools like Asana, Trello, and Jira into the workflow.

Content Development

Web content creation, focused on engaging and informative material, driving user interaction and supporting SEO strategies to enhance online visibility.

Adobe Creative Suite

Utilising Adobe Creative Suite, with a focus on Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, enhances creative output and delivers compelling visual content across multiple media platforms.

Google Analytics

Deriving meaningful insights from data with Google Analytics to optimise web strategies, inform content decisions, and improve online performance.


Translation in web content, integrated with CMS tools, ensures multilingual support, broadening audience reach and enhancing global user engagement.


Leadership across global teams drives collaboration and innovation, fostering a culture of inclusivity and achieving unified success in diverse markets.

Customer Experience

Customer experience on the web is enhanced by designing intuitive interfaces and personalised interactions, crucial for increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Problem Solving

Problem solving, through analytical thinking and innovative approaches, effectively addresses challenges, ensuring solutions are both practical and impactful.

Coordinating Tasks

Managing deadlines and coordinating tasks efficiently, adept at organising and prioritising work to ensure smooth project progression.

Customer Segmentation & Regional Targeting

Delivering personalised marketing campaigns through customer segmentation and regional targeting, maximising engagement and ROI with tailored strategies.

Language Localisation

Driving global expansion through targeted localisation efforts, aligning content with cultural nuances to enhance worldwide accessibility.

Organisation Skills

Organisation skills enable efficient management of resources and priorities, ensuring projects are completed on time and objectives are systematically achieved.


Timelines, when managed effectively, ensure projects adhere to schedules, facilitating timely delivery and optimal resource allocation.

Global E-Commerce

Global e-commerce strategies, focused on cross-border scalability and local market nuances, drive international sales and enhance customer reach.

CoreMedia Content Cloud

Utilising CoreMedia Content Cloud streamlines the management and delivery of digital content, enhancing user engagement and driving effective multi-channel marketing strategies.

Web Campaigns

Web campaigns, strategically designed to target specific audiences, drive engagement and conversions through tailored messaging and digital interactions.


Teamwork encourages a collaborative environment, leveraging diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals and improve outcomes.

Content Management

Leveraging CMS tools such as CoreMedia for unified content management, ensuring cohesive experiences across web and app platforms, with a keen focus on developing unique content for each.

Project Management

Specialising in aligning team efforts and resources to meet ambitious goals, leading projects from inception to completion with precision and efficiency.

Stakeholder Engagement

Building strong relationships and ensuring clear communication across all project stages, aligning project outcomes with business objectives.

Project Planning

Project planning ensures strategic alignment and resource optimisation, setting clear milestones and deliverables for successful execution.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing leverages online platforms to engage audiences, enhance brand visibility, and drive conversions through targeted strategies.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office, including Excel for data analysis, Word for document creation, and PowerPoint for impactful presentations, enhances productivity and streamlines workflow across various professional tasks.

Content Management Systems

Utilising CoreMedia, WordPress, and Shopify CMS tools to create content enhances the customer journey, with a focus on driving conversions.

Customer Journey

Employing analytical insights and creative solutions to enhance the user experience, striving to create seamless and enjoyable pathways for users.

Git & GitHub

Facilitating seamless collaboration and version control with GitHub/Git, enhancing team productivity and code quality by integrating these tools into development workflows.

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