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September 30, 2022




  • Business Initiatives
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Asana, Trello & Jira
  • Coordinating Tasks
  • Language Localisation
  • Organisation Skills
  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Role Overview: As the Site Content Producer at YOOX NET-A-PORTER, I played a pivotal role in the localisation and successful launch of the NET-A-PORTER Italian website. My primary responsibility was the strategic management and oversight of site content, ensuring comprehensive adaptation to meet the Italian market’s expectations.

Project Planning and Execution: During the initial two-week planning phase, I led the mapping of the customer journey across our website, identifying and documenting all key pages requiring updates, categorised by priority and complexity. I established a dynamic tracking system to monitor the status of each page, providing regular updates to stakeholders and maintaining transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

Collaborative Leadership and Team Development: My role necessitated close collaboration with various teams to ensure a cohesive approach to the website's localisation:

  • Product and Site Trading Teams: I coordinated with these teams to align our content deadlines and integration strategies, ensuring synchronisation with broader departmental timelines.
  • Technical and Translation Teams: I managed the content extraction and reintegration process, liaising with technical staff for data handling and translation experts for culturally nuanced Italian content.
  • Italian Team Engagement: A significant aspect of my leadership involved mentoring and supporting the Italian team, enhancing their capabilities in content management and ensuring they were fully equipped to maintain the localised site. This included conducting tailored training sessions and providing ongoing support, empowering them to effectively manage and update content autonomously.
  • Content Planning and Execution: I oversaw the scheduling and preparation of all site content for the launch, managing the translation and localisation workflow, prioritising high-impact pages, and ensuring readiness and optimisation for the target audience on launch day.

Technology and Innovation: Utilising CoreMedia Studio, I streamlined the content management process, which was vital for the efficient handling and timely update of the website’s content. This tool enabled precise content localisation, ensuring quality and consistency across the platform.

Impact and Professional Approach: The project was delivered ahead of schedule, with the Italian website fully operational and culturally tailored for launch. This initiative not only improved user engagement but also solidified my expertise in project management and leadership within large-scale content projects. With a strategic and meticulous approach, I am well-prepared to lead future technological integration and digital transformation initiatives.

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